Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Walkie Talkies

FAQ walkie talkie
There are certain FAQs linked with the usage or purchasing of the walkie talkies in India. Here we are with the answers to the most frequently asked questions about two-way radios.

#1. Is it fine to buy license free walkie talkie in India?

Precisely yes. As per the law of India, the walkie talkie users can operate license free walkie talkie for a bandwidth of 27MHz.

#2. Is there any difference between licensed and license free 2 way radios?

Yes. If we talk about the price there then non licensed radios are cheaper as compared to licensed radios.

Also, the difference in the functionality and coverage area is quite evident between the two. While the licensed walkie talkies are more robust and functionally strong, the license free radios are much weaker in operations and coverage.

License free walkie talkie are best suited for non-commercial or light industrial use. This can include usage among friends, or at playgrounds, or in small buildings.

Whereas licensed walkie talkies can be used in heavy industrial walkie talkie system where secure communication is the most important of all.

#3. What is the range of a walkie talkie?

A walkie talkie’s communication range depends on three major factors; power output, height of the antenna and topography of the place it is used.

If we assume the perfect conditions (i.e. no obstructions what-so-ever) then Non licensed radios cover 2-3 kms. However, this is further reduced when the obstructions like building floors, heavy crowd, trees etc. increase in the way of communication.

On the other hand licensed walky talky have higher power output and ultimately higher coverage range of upto 10-12 kms in perfect conditions. This too is decreased depending on the obstructions size and capacity.

#4. Which one is better between VHF and UHF?

VHF (Very High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) both point towards the communication range a walky talky operates in.

Technically the range of VHF falls between 136 – 174 MHz and UHF’s frequency is between 400 – 512 MHz.

Frequency is inversely proportional to wave length, and wave length is directly proportional to signal.

This means that since UHF has a higher frequency therefore it has a shorter wavelength. And since it has a shorter wave length therefore its signal has the higher capacity to travel farther and penetrate easily.

This leads to the observation that if your requirement is to work in an open atmosphere without any obstruction then VHF is a good option.

But if your requirement is to work in a building or in the woods or have any other obstacles then UHF is an ideal choice for you.

#5. What is a typical battery life of a two-way radio?

Just like mobile phones it too depends on the usage of walkie talkies. Ideally it should last from 8-12 hours in a day when fully charged.

Remember it’s time to get a new battery when you see the signs of lower talk time, reduced range and regular low battery notifications.

#6. Some walkie talkie dealers claim that their 2 way radios can cover 30 miles area. Is this even possible?

Ideally Yes, realistically No.

Perfectly a licensed walkie talkie can cover 30 miles range if there is no obstacle, like really nothing (assumable in space or inside water). But in real scenarios obstacles are always present which makes it quite difficult to achieve this ideal range for walkie talkies.

#7. Digital Walkie Talkies vs Analog Walkie Talkies

With Digital radios comes better coverage and richer audio quality. As opposed to Analog radios which offer lesser coverage and the audio quality is also not very clear.

#8. Can other people hear when not on the same channel?

No. The only people who can hear the conversation if you are tuned in to the same channel as they are.

#9. Why is a walkie talkie called a two-way radio?
A normal radio also uses radio frequencies and works on the same mechanism as a walkie talkie. The only difference between the two is that with a normal radio you can only listen, and with a walkie talkie you can talk and listen both.

#9. What are License Free Walkie Talkie?

A walky talky or a two-way radio communication can function in two ways - either on licensed frequency or on a license free frequency. Alexa Security & Automation Company are the distributors and suppliers & dealers of License Free walkie talkie in India, Delhi.

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