About Us

Alexa Security & Automation Company is one of the India’s fastest growing companies, having earned a reputation of excellence in Two Way Radio Communication (Walkie-Talkie) field and achieved superior client satisfaction across markets. Our clients are telecommunications service providers, large enterprises and government institutions that seek to resolve a business challenge through the deployment of state-of-the art technology solutions and automated business processes.


We will be the first choice of Trade & Industry to attain excellent quality products, equipments, systems & services for Communication, Safety & Security, Access Control to make working environments convenient, safer and risk free.

Motorola Authorised Channel Partner

We introduce ourselves as an Authorized Partner for sales and services of MOTOROLOA 2-Way radio communication system [Walkey-Talkie] VHF & UHF range in association with Motorola India Limited. Motorola is the leader in creating exclusive infrastructure and applications for business as well as public safety applications. The company offers an expansive array of devices like the Motorola Mobile, Portable and Fixed Station segments.

We deal in conventional Radio system, and also in Network infrastructure of trunk radio system we understand the importance and value of the sets used by our valued customer, hence to render the best and unbeatable services we have established the service center at Delhi with Ultra Modern Lab testing equipments.

Industries we serve

Alexa Security & Automation Company provides walkie talkie solutions specifically for security purpose like two-way secure communication. Such products application areas are from commercial and industrial applications to security and emergency applications. We also hold expertise in offering customized walkie talkie solutions to various personal users, Government users, Management companies and Production houses.

We are having a team of RF professionals with the experience in the field of Voice and Data Communication with backbone of trained Engineers who have successfully installed and implemented wireless networks for various Police Dept., Shipping Dept., Ports, Civil Aviation, Power Sector, Hotel Industry, Security Sector and large corporate. The offerings cover the widest range of application areas from commercial and industrial applications to security and emergency applications.

What are License Free Walkie Talkie?

A walky talky or a two-way radio communication can function in two ways - either on licensed frequency or on a license free frequency. Alexa Security & Automation Company are the distributors and suppliers & dealers of License Free walkie talkie in India, Delhi.

Who is authorised Dealer and Distributor of License Free Walkie Talkie in Delhi, NCR, Noida, India?

Generally walkie talkie owners have to purchase a license to operate walkie talkie for commercial usage. For this they need to buy license through Wireless Planning & Coordination wing. Moreover, this licence needs to renew every year for smooth usage. But with Alexa license free walkie talkies you do not need to purchase any license from the Government and its ready to use walkie talkie. As one of the best walkie talkie dealers in Delhi, NCR, Noida, India, we see a lot of confusion between the two forms. So here we are explaining what exactly are licence free walky talky.

License free radios are functional in indoors as well as outdoors. Depending on the surrounding environment the range can be between a few hundred meters in a confined space; to a few kilometers in an open space. Range of license free walky talky is 2 to 2.5 kms. The frequency band-width of Licence-free two way radios are already programmed and included in it. Explore our Latest product range of ready-to-use walkie talkie with excellent quality and coverage. Our experienced team test every license free walkie talkie for superior quality and better performance before delivering it to our esteemed clients.

Use / Applications of License Free Walkie Talkie

Alexa Security & Automation Company are the largest license free walkie talkies suppliers dealers & distributors in Delhi, NCR, Noida, India. Our more than a hundred thousand radios are operational in various sectors & industries. Our two way business radios solutions are ideal for use in the broad areas of Industries like in the Mining, Construction Industry, Oil & gas Industry, Railways, Shipping, Hospitality, Aviation, petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Restaurants, Outdoors, Government Offices, Hospitals, Military and defence applications, Manufacturing Firms and Campus uses, Multiplex Cinemas, Educational Institutions, Theaters, Event Management Companies, Security Companies and many more. Alexa offers License Free 2 way Radios communication (walkie-talkie) ready-to-use and enable on-site communications with no call charges with perfect voice and cost effectiveness. You can contact our license free walkie talkie dealers & distributors in Delhi, NCR, Noida, India, for your enquiry.


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