Long Range Walkie Talkie

Available as either an analog or PoC radio, combine narrowband mission critical communications with LTE broadband data throughput. STC-710S is best to deliver voice applications, including group and emergency calls, and 4G LTE provides fast data services to support a multitude of applications. The LTE Multi-mode handset interconnects the two technologies to form a converged solution to allow users to enjoy the best of both worlds- be it nationwide or local coverage. Converging on one device means staff do not have to carry two separate handsets to access the best in voice and data technology.

Motorola Walkie Talkie

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Motorola Walkie Talkie is a portable two-way radio transceiver utilized in wide range of communications. These Radio Communication Equipments (walkie - talkie) largely come into use or application for armed forces, businesses, marine communication, mining, hotel industry, manufacturing company, Mall management, oil & gas refinery, construction industry, event management industries or any such sector where public safety is very crucial.

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